Hon. David A. Mills (Ret.)



Since his service at the Massachusetts Appeals Court from 2001 to 2012, Judge Mills has provided case evaluation in appellate matters, trial litigation matters, Single Justice practice, and pre-litigation situations, e.g.,mediation. He is trained and experienced in ADR in its several modes.

Engagements include case evaluation, especially appellate and local land-use (e.g., zoning, subdivision control, conservation commission) municipal and state government relations, personal and professional development for lawyers and judges and ADR in its various models (arbitration, mediation, facilitation, conciliation).

Business Address

On The North Shore

Ten Sylvan Street, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923

Telephone: 617-512-5252 • Fax: 978-777-1710 • Email: dmills101@gmail.com


DAVID A. Mills

Associate Justice (Ret.) Massachusetts Appeals Court 2001-2012


Courts and courtrooms can sometimes be very helpful — and sometimes not!

Litigation through the courts is usually expensive, and the ultimate decision is made by a stranger (judge or jury), usually after a long time, sometimes years. I have been in and out of courts for 50 years, from the Boston Municipal Court to the United States Supreme Court, and just about every level of State and local Federal court in between. While a lawyer, and as an appeals court judge, I have been involved in many disputes that had ended up in court. While I take pride in my work as a lawyer and judge, I frequently felt that the parties would have been better off resolving their disputes into a workable solution, without litigation, without a fight. Judges are limited in what they can do other than decide who wins, and who loses. I favor mediation, reasoned solutions, and other models of dispute resolution as an alternative, or at least worth a try, prior to a court fight, which may prove to be unnecessary.

I am willing to have a complementary telephone consultation with both (or all of) the parties, as a preliminary matter, to see if I can be helpful. Please don't hesitate to be in touch. Send an email or just call and we can set something up.


Preparatory School, St. John's Prep – 1960

Boston College – 1964, BS

Boston College Law School – 1967, LLB

Harvard Negotiation Program with Roger Fisher) – 1989

Weekly Review of Massachusetts Advance Sheets for 50 years

MWI Mediation Training – 2011

MCLE Divorce Mediation Training – 2012